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What Is Trademark Licensing?

Trademark licensing is the process by which a registered trademark owner, called a licensor or proprietor, allows another party, called a licensee, to make and distribute specific products or services under the licensor's trademark agreement.

The licensor receives a certain amount of money or royalties, a percentage of all sales, in exchange for sharing the trademark. This compensation is also called consideration. Fashion and consumer products concerned with sports and entertainment are often sold under a trademark licensing agreement.


Founded by Chris Nye in 2001, located in University Place, Washington, MLS4owners has become the number #1 Flat Fee Broker in Washington State. With over 6,000 closed sales, NO broker sells more Real Estate in Washington then MLS4owners!  MLS4owners unique, consumer-centric model has saved real estate consumers over $70 million dollars in real estate commissions.  


As a Trademark Licensee, you will be trained to rethink how real estate broker services are delivered to consumers. MLS4owners innovative real estate model has low overhead, no sales agents to manage, protected territories, multiple revenue streams and a powerful brand. Our system and training will teach you, what the Real Estate Industry does not want you or your customers to know!


MLS4owners is looking for like-minded, qualified applicants to join our “Mission” of changing how real estate services are delivered to consumers. It takes a special kind of person to become an MLS4owners Trademark Licensee. Interested in what an MLS4owners can do for you? Email [email protected] requesting the MLS4owners Trademark Licensing Application. Questions? Call 253-460-1900


Chris Nye, Founder